The Heartstopper Series: Book Review (a.k.a. the series that stole my heart)

I’ll admit, I had only read one graphic novel before this series, and that was when I was ten years old but…I’m not going to count that because I don’t remember what it was about.

I haven’t posted a review here in quite some time, and now that I am, I’m going to change the format a bit. Hope you enjoy!

Note: This review is for all the three books of the series as I read them on Tapas, and it was a little difficult to figure out which book I was reading. Don’t worry, there won’t be any spoilers for the part of book four that the author’s already published.

Genre: Romance, LGBT, Young Adult, Contemporary

My Average Rating: 4.67

Charlie, a highly-strung, openly gay over-thinker, and Nick, a cheerful, soft-hearted rugby player, meet at a British all-boys grammar school. Friendship blooms quickly, but could there be something more…?

Charlie Spring is in Year 10 at Truham Grammar School for Boys. The past year hasn’t been too great, but at least he’s not being bullied anymore. Nick Nelson is in Year 11 and on the school rugby team. He’s heard a little about Charlie – the kid who was outed last year and bullied for a few months – but he’s never had the opportunity to talk to him.
They quickly become friends, and soon Charlie is falling hard for Nick, even though he doesn’t think he has a chance. But love works in surprising ways, and sometimes good things are waiting just around the corner… 

I knew this series was going to be cute. But I did not expect it to be SO SWEET that it practically owns my heart now. Everything about these books was just so heartwarming. It was a really quick read that I finished in less than twenty-four hours.


Nick and Charlie captivated me from the first chapter. I knew from the moment they were made to sit together in class, that I would love them a lot. And I did. The side characters were also so wholesome, and I adored all the budding relationships we got to saw. I love how supportive they were towards each other and respected Nick and Charlie’s decisions. Darcy is probably my favourite (after Nick and Charlie, of course). She’s so cool and always tries to find the fun side of things.

Oh you’re being gay. Okay, carry on.

The line that made me love Darcy.

Nick and Charlie went through so much in this series and they helped each other all the time. The best thing about this series was that the families accepted them and supported them too. Tori is literally my spirit animal.


At first, the writing was a little fast-paced for me but I eventually got used to it. The art was really touching and I loved every single page of it. Alice has such an amazing talent and definitely knows how to perfectly nail emotional scenes. I had chills all over my body. Her writing and art makes you connect with the characters so well that I can’t help but squeal when Nick and Charlie hug or kiss or even hold hands. IT’S JUST SO CUTE.


The plot of this series is something I think every teenager should indulge in. It touches sensitive topics in an immaculate way that is so different from other novels dealing with the same. I liked that even though it touches the surface of these issues, you still learn a lot about them. I’ve gained so much more knowledge than what I had before and I think I owe that to this series.

Why are we like this?

The line that was said so many times that I could see it on a T-shirt and I wouldn’t be surprised.

These books are the cutest thing I have ever read and I’m going to be recommending this to everyone I know until they haven’t read this.

That’s all for now! I would love to hear your thoughts on this series or any of these books you’ve read. Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!

-Rania ❤

8 thoughts on “The Heartstopper Series: Book Review (a.k.a. the series that stole my heart)

  1. Oh yes you finished it!!! I’m still behind on it, I’ve done Volume 2, and I’ve got to do 3 and 4, but I’m reading it on Tumblr so it’s easier to figure out the chapter-book thing. Have you read all the minicomics?? And the Become Human comic??

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    1. Yes I did! Ah then I should have read it from there 😂 Yep I’m pretty sure I have because they all were available on Tapas in between certain chapters. Become Human is the deviant and agent AU right?

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