Book To Film Adaptations I Loved

Hey guys! Today I wanted to do a simple post talking about film adaptations I love. Of course, the books are almost always better than the movies but regardless of that, some did a pretty good job (even if I didn’t like the book).

Before carrying on, I just wanted to let’s you guys know that my posts might be a bit irregular all throughout March and April as my exam season is commencing and I probably won’t get a lot of time to post, but I’ll definitely try my best!


Keep in mind that I did not write ‘The Divergent Series’ and only wrote the name of the first book, because it was the only one out of the whole trilogy that I liked. Same goes for the movies. Even though a lot of the scenes from the book were not incorporated, it still made a pretty good movie in my opinion.

Just like the books, the second and third movie weren’t that great. They got boring after a while, to be honest.

Pride and Prejudice

I’m not very fond of classics (don’t kill me). Pride and Prejudice was no exception. So I guess you could imagine my surprise when I realised that I actually liked the movie counterpart.

And yes, I do know that there is a BBC show too, and with everyone saying that Colin Firth did such a better job at playing Mr. Darcy, I do really want to watch it. But unfortunately, BBC doesn’t work in my country.

Keira Knightly did such an amazing job and perfectly nailed the savage character of Elizabeth. I would totally recommend this to everyone in the mood for a classic 1800s romance (even if you didn’t enjoy the book like me).

Alice in Wonderland

This is probably my favourite movie out of this list. Alice in Wonderland is such a magical story, and seeing it all come to life in the form of a movie is amazing. And I couldn’t think of anyone to play the White Queen better than Anne Hathaway. I mean, come on, she’s awesome at whatever character she plays.

The Chronicles Of Narnia

I loved the Chronicles of Narnia. It was one of the first series that got me into reading. And I didn’t even know there were movies based on the books for at least three years after I read them.

All the characters were portrayed so beautifully in the movie, and the intricate details that were included really made it so much more special. I would have enjoyed it if they made movies on the rest of the series too and not only the ones which had the Pevensie children.

The Harry Potter Series

Come on, we all knew this was going to be there. There’s no denying it. Both, the books and the movies, were ICONIC. I couldn’t have thought anyone to play all these characters better. Even the bad guys.

And they nailed the popular dialogues from the book. We all know what I’m talking about.

Once again, the animations and effects of these movies were spot on and they’ve definitely earned a place in my heart forever.

The Maze Runner Series

Okay, I know you guys have probably seen this everywhere, but there’s a reason you have.

MY MOM WATCHED THESE WITH ME. My mom, who doesn’t like YA and couldn’t care less about them, watched these. That has to count for something guys. And looking at all those horrible deaths in live action did nothing to soothe my tears and rapidly beating heart.

His Dark Materials

Apparently, I live under a rock, because again, I had no idea that there was a TV show based on this series. I really need to read about the current affairs more often.

This show had quite a slow start, but slowly became interesting and before I knew it, I was invested. Now I’m impatiently waiting for the third season, whose release date I’m unaware of. Are we surprised? No. But then again, there probably isn’t one anyways.

So that’s all for today’s post! Have you watched any of these movies and TV shows? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Book To Film Adaptations I Loved

    1. Haha yes the first one was the only one I actually thought was properly created. Yes the others really let me down! Thank you so much! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    Okay, I’m here now.
    This was such a fun post! I’ll admit that I don’t watch many shows/movies and have only watched one from this list but it’s still fun to see what sorts of book to screen adaptions are actually good. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yeah that happens to me too.
      Thank you so much! I would love to know what you think about the movies you haven’t watched yet. All of them are pretty good. Thank you!

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