Quizzing My Obsession With Books? // Buzzfeed is at it once again

I have a love-hate relationship with Buzzfeed quizzes. I don’t always rely on their answers because, well, they don’t know me and figuring out the first letter of my soulmate or which colour I should dye my hair by making me answer some random questions is kind of unrealistic. But when I was tagged by Ritz @ Living, Loving, and Reading to do the ‘How obsessed with books are you actually?’ quiz, I thought that maybe I could try one more. Just for fun.

I still don’t know what my final verdict is yet, but let’s take a look!

Question #1

I have my fair share of physical books too, but I find e-books a lot more convenient. I also have my books fit neatly on a little shelf but I think the last one is more applicable to my case here.

Question #2

This answer is kind of inevitable. There are quite a lot of good adaptations but also a lot of bad ones. We all know which one I’m talking about here. They are getting better over time, but well, there’s lot of scope for improvement left. Fingers crossed for the upcoming adaptations we’re all freaking out about (there are a lot of those, let me tell you. Shadow and Bone and ACOTAR, I’m glaring at you).

Question #3

Honestly, why is this question even here? I never know how many books I need for a holiday. Two? Three? Five?? I’m a very indecisive person so I’m glad I have a Kindle that I can just dump in my bag and then be off for my vacation.

Question #4

I’ve already crossed twenty books for 2021, soooooo…the fourth option it is then.

Question #5

If I had a dollar for every time I was awake till 3 am reading a book, I’d probably be richer than Bill Gates by now. I never went past 3 am and I couldn’t even if I wanted to because I would be too sleep deprived in the morning to do anything.

Question #6

Here’s the thing. I don’t study in libraries. The only reason I do go to libraries is for the books. So technically the answer should be yes. But I don’t have a library card because those don’t exist where I live so I went with the next option, ‘only sometimes’.

Question #7

I’m considering Goodreads groups as book clubs, because they practically are. They have book of the months, monthly challenges, discussions, buddy reads, so yeah, I think I can say yes for this question.

Question #8

If it was up to me, I could spend the whole day in a bookshop and return home with five cartons full of books. But if I spend more than two hours with my mom there (and she’s always with me), she will go crazy and drag me home by the ear.

Question #9

If I see a special edition of Pride and Prejudice in a bookshop, I wouldn’t pick it up no matter how beautiful it is, because I couldn’t care less about that book. However, if I see a special edition of Little Women, it’ll be in my hands the second I lay my eyes on it.

Question #10

I haven’t met a single reader till date who doesn’t smell their books. There’s just something about smelling new books that is just so satisfying. Even old ones smell good if you just randomly go and sniff one. It’s divine.

Question #11

Again, I read a lot of e-books, and the hardcover ones I order are mostly from Amazon, so I don’t exactly go to bookshops frequently. But I like to wander into them once in a while.

Question #12

See, this is a hypothetical question. It’s asking if you would read a book while eating dinner, and not do you read books while eating. So yes, I would read while eating dinner if I was allowed to. But I’m not, though I do think I can multitask fairly well.

Question #13

I haven’t gone to a concert, nor a date, though I have gone to a party and have taken a book numerous times, just to get myself out of awkward situations. A book definitely comes in handy at those times.

Question #14

Each book I read, regardless of my opinions on them, changes my life in some or the other way. I like to pick out lessons or values each book teaches me, and now that it’s become a habit, they’ve all changed my life.

And the result is…

Wow. Not bad at all. That’s actually more than I expected. I’m happy with this result to be honest. Oh and that last line, “Your dream is to one day have a massive library of your own, and nothing is better to you than finding a new favourite book.” If that’s not the truest line ever said about me I don’t know what is.

And that’s all for today! What did you all think? Have you taken this quiz yet? What was your percentage? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. if you want to try out this quiz for yourself, you can do so here.

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