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Hey guys! I’m so excited to welcome all of you to my stop for the Lucky Girl Book Tour! This was such an amazing book and I can’t wait to talk about it! Thank you so much TBR and Beyond Tours as well as the author and publisher for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review! This did not affect my opinions in any way. You can click the tour banner below to take a look at the tour schedule!

Title: Lucky Girl

Author: Jamie Pacton

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Publishing Date: May 11th, 2021

Content Warning: deals with parental mental health (hoarding, depression caused by grief) and loss of a parent

A hilarious and poignant reflection on what money can and cannot fix. 58,643,129. That’s how many dollars seventeen-year-old Fortuna Jane Belleweather just won in the lotto jackpot. It’s also about how many reasons she has for not coming forward to claim her prize. Problem #1: Jane is still a minor, and if anyone discovers she bought the ticket underage, she’ll either have to forfeit the ticket, or worse… Problem #2: Let her hoarder mother cash it. The last thing Jane’s mom needs is millions of dollars to buy more junk. Then… Problem #3: Jane’s best friend, aspiring journalist Brandon Kim, declares on the news that he’s going to find the lucky winner. It’s one thing to keep her secret from the town, it’s another thing entirely to lie to her best friend. Especially when… Problem #4: Jane’s ex-boyfriend, Holden, is suddenly back in her life, and he has big ideas about what he’d do with the prize money. As suspicion and jealousy turn neighbor against neighbor, and no good options for cashing the ticket come forward, Jane begins to wonder: Could this much money actually be a bad thing?

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Lucky Girl is a story about Fortuna Jane Belleweather, a seventeen-year old who has just won more than fifty-eight million dollars in the lottery. But along with the shock of winning, a lot more problems arise too. Jane isn’t eighteen yet, so she can’t cash the ticket, and if anyone finds out she bought the ticket as a minor, it would technically make her a criminal. Her best friend is intent on finding out the mystery winner, and her mom has a serious hoarding problem, which will only escalate if she lets the cat out of the bag.

And for the cherry on top? Her ex-boyfriend has shown up out of the blue, with big plans for that money.

This was a short and fluffy contemporary which dealt with hard topics in just the right way. Right from the synopsis, I knew not to expect anything going right in this book, which is basically exactly what happened. After winning the lottery, a string of funny and relatable incidents ensue, which made my experience very enjoyable.

It also explains the effects of money and greed, and what it can do to people. I feel like that’s a really important lesson we need to learn in life, and Jamie Pacton does a brilliant job of putting it into light. Another thing I loved was the friendship between Bran and Jane. He was so supportive of her and never judged her for the mistakes she made and I think everyone needs someone like him in their lives.

Initially, I was a bit weary of Jane hanging out with her ex-boyfriend again. I mean, her feelings were a mess when it came to him, and her conflicting emotions of how to deal with him were very amusing and annoying at the same time.

And as we all know, with each YA novel comes a character we want to hurtle off to hell. I’m not going to say who it was but their ending was just SO satisfying.

Jane’s mom went through some pretty hard times after her husband’s death and used hoarding as a coping method. Seeing how Jane dealt with her mom’s mental issues and how both of them came to a mutual understanding was genuinely uplifting.

Overall, the writing was amazing, and this book was just a lot of problematic lives rolled into one was just so fun to read and be a part of.

Jamie Pacton is a Young Adult and Middle Grade author who grew up minutes away from the National Storytelling Center in the mountains of East Tennessee. She has a BA and MA in English Literature, and currently teaches English at the college level. While pursuing her dream of being an author, she worked as a waitress, pen salesperson, lab assistant, art museum guard, bookseller, pool attendant, nanny, and lots of other weird jobs in between. Her writing has appeared in national and local magazines, and she spent many years blogging for Currently, Jamie lives in Wisconsin with her family and a dog named Lego. The Life and (Medieval) Times of Kit Sweetly is her YA debut novel and her sophomore novel, Lucky Girl, is forthcoming in Spring 2021. She has also published a MG novel, Farfetched, under the pen name Finn Colazo.

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And that’s all for today’s post! What did you think? Will you be picking up Lucky Girl soon? Let me know in the comments!

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