i’m back! // life update + mini wrap-up

Hey, fellow ramblers! It feels amazing to be able to say that again. As you can see, I am indeed back from my unannounced two-and-a-half-month hiatus. To be honest, it was much needed. Nevertheless, I’m so glad to be back and have a lot of exciting posts lined up for you guys, so stay tuned! I just wanted to do this post to give you all an update of what was happening in my life outside of blogging and maybe even recap all the books I read (which aren’t a lot sadly).

To start off, I took a break from blogging for a lot of reasons. Partly because I was on a creative block, and it just wasn’t appealing to me as it usually does. I think that was one of the main factors that told me to take a step back. And then you know, school took over. Exams, student council meetings, etc. I just got a break from all my exams a week ago, and I’ve never felt better! I’m on a two-week break right now, after which I’m finally going to in-person school. It’s both exciting and nerve-racking but all in all, I can’t wait to see everyone again!

I’ve also been getting into watching K-dramas recently, and even though I’ve only watched around three, I’m really enjoying all of them! I watched Vincenzo, My Name, and am currently watching Goblin, so let me know if you’ve watched any of them; I would love to gush about them with you!

In other news, I don’t know if you guys remember, but I was working on a sapphic Indian-inspired fantasy WIP, which safe to say, I still am. I’m most probably going to write it for NaNoWriMo this month. It’s my first time so I’m not expecting a lot, but if you have any advice feel free to drop it in the comments! I’ve changed the plot at least thrice by now and I’m starting to realise I’m not much of a plotter. I think I’m more of a “go-with-the-flow” writer, which I’m not complaining about. I’m excited to start writing and I’ll be sure to update you guys on my progress (if I make any, that is). I also made new mood boards and a playlist for my WIP because why not? You can find the playlist here, and here are the aesthetics for both my MCs:

Well, other than that, I was very active on Twitter too, so if you haven’t interacted with me on there, please don’t hesitate! I would love to talk to all of you! I also started using Notion, to be more organized, and it’s definitely worked! So if you don’t have one yet, do it. I’m urging you.

Now, for the second part of this post, here are all the books I read while I was away (not only in October), which aren’t a lot considering I was in a big reading slump but I did read quite a few over the past two weeks:

Malice by Heather Walter: this was everything and more that I could have wanted from a sapphic Beauty and the Beast retelling. Still don’t have a clear picture of what happened in the end but I recommend this to everyone. Add it to your TBR now! [4.5/5]

Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell: I read the first book in this series, Carry On, last year and I wasn’t planning to read the sequel until I made an impulse decision to pick it up because I really wanted to dive into the world again. It didn’t exactly surpass my expectations, but I did enjoy it quite a lot! [4/5]

The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes: I had a lot of fun with The Inheritance Games and inevitably had to pick up the sequel. Surprisingly, I found this to be a lot better. It had its fair share of plot twists but overall it was just very well written. The third book’s cover came out a few weeks ago, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since because they’re all so gorgeous. [4.5/5]

If This Gets Out by Sophie Gonzales: I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but I’m officially a part of the If This Gets Out street team! It’s been in play for a few months now, and really fun! I re-read it, because why not, and now I’m recommending this to everyone because it’s a queer boyband romance and everything you could possibly expect from one. [4.5/5]

The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake: I honestly had high hopes for this one, because it had been hyped up to such a great extent, but I couldn’t see what was so special about it? Yes, the prose is amazing and the character dynamics were done really well but I just feel like it could have been more plot-oriented. [3/5]

Full Flight by Ashley Schumacher: I knew this book was going to break me, and that’s exactly what happened. It was a bit slow at times but I seem to have an instant attraction towards books that are emotionally wrecking. [4/5]

The Poppy War by R. F. Kuang: This is another re-read that was kind of impulsive, but at least I cried, so that’s nice. I think. I love this series with all my heart and visiting the world again was a really good experience that I certainly needed. [5/5]

A Lesson in Vengeance by Victoria Lee: I’ve stayed away from thrillers or mysteries for the past few years, but this book rekindled my love for the genre. ALIV was fast-paced, thrilling, and I really enjoyed it. I think anyone who’s looking for a dark-academia thriller with sapphics will love this one.

Any Way The Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell: I think my expectation for the finale was too high which lead to me being disappointed. Of course, I’m going to miss all these characters, but I felt like there were a lot of loose ends that could have been developed more. [3.5/5]

Not Here To Be Liked by Michelle Quach: I loved everything about this contemporary. It dealt with the themes of sexism and feminism wonderfully and I’m obsessed with the characters! And as a side note, I can’t stop staring at that cover. [4.5/5]

How We Fall Apart by Katie Zhao: I’ve seen a lot of conflicting reviews for this book, and while I was very excited to jump into this one, there was something in the writing and story overall that didn’t sit right with me. I just felt like the reveal at the end was very anti-climatic and I didn’t understand the ending either even though I know it’s supposed to be a cliffhanger. [3/5]

The Bronzed Beasts by Roshani Chokshi: This was my most anticipated read for 2021 and I still can’t think about it without tearing up. This trilogy has me in a chokehold and I can’t believe we’re not going to see more of these characters. It was such a wild ride and it’s definitely going to take me a while to get over what happened. Maybe I won’t. [5/5]

Ace of Spades by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé: This was so much better than expected. Ace of Spades was also a kind of impulse read for me and I’m so glad I did. It got so much better towards the end and the plot twist was something I could have never expected. [4.5/5]

It’s almost tradition at this point, but if you’re not aware, every wrap-up I put up a poll between two to three books out of which I let my readers choose which one I read each month. And this month, it’s back, between Down Comes the Night by Allison Saft and Kingdom of the Cursed by Kerri Maniscalco. I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up reading both, so help me decide which one to go with first! And remember, you can’t see the poll on WordPress reader, so go to the site to vote.

And that’s all for today! I know I didn’t include a lot of the segments I usually do in a wrap-up but I promise they’ll be back in my next one! I have a lot of exciting posts lined up so make sure you don’t miss out! Till then, let me know your thoughts in the comments, I would love to talk to all of you again!

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11 thoughts on “i’m back! // life update + mini wrap-up

  1. ahh hii you’re back!! i missed your posts!! your character aesthetics look absolutely gorgeous🥰🥰 and ahh vincenzo is definitely an amazing k-drama😭😭 i’m glad you enjoyed parts of hawthrone legacy because its been on my tbr for soo longg and now i can’t wait to read it💕 lovely post as always <33

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I finished the Hawthorne Legacy just yesterday and I’m still reeling?? Though I personally think the first book was better.
    YESS I felt the exact same way about How We Fall Apart – the resolution was definitely anticlimatic, but as a whole I guess the book was okayish.
    Good to have you back rania!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. welcome back! i totally understand having to take unannounced time off since i literally just did it myself, but that’s the beauty of blogs, they’re always there for us to come back to. hope you have a good break and your in-person school is stress-free!

    Liked by 1 person

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